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Who do we serve?

As a mental health billing company, Nexidet directly serves facilities and professionals alike:
Intensive outpatient programs
Partial hospital programs
Residential treatment centers, such as centers for substance abuse or eating disorders
Private practice behavioral health providers, counselors

The Nexidet difference

At times, it seems mental health care billing process is designed to be complicated. Decades spent in the industry gives the team at Nexidet a complete understanding of the process. Clients working with Nexidet notice a number of ways the team takes the lead in mental health billing, including:
Expert knowledge of the insurance reimbursement process & verification of insurance benefits
The ability to efficiently identify coverage and how to maximize reimbursements for our
providers and their clients
The delicate navigation of parity vs. non-parity
An aggressive approach towards insurance carriers, backed by thorough knowledge of
government regulations and coding requirements
Efficient, sympathetic, and effective customer service
Advocating for providers, clients, and families during difficult times in the process
Software powered by Avea Solutions (claims submission, weekly status and aging reports)

What does this mean for your practice?

Most practitioners understand that time is their most valuable commodity. Between entering
charges, keeping current on authorizations, sending out statements and following up on payments, that time disappears quickly with in-house billing.

With Nexidet taking the lead, providers and facilities enjoy many benefits, including:
A shift to focusing solely on patient care
Reduced stress
An immediate reduction in rejected claims
Optimized reimbursement schedule
Faster action from insurance carriers
More completed payments
Increased profit
More time

Nexidet gives mental health care providers and facilities the freedom to focus on patient care without having to worry about administrative stresses like billing.

Contact Nexidet today to find your ideal mental health care billing solution.

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