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About Us

Nexidet began in 1998, from the same place it operates to this day — a place of compassion.
Founder Wendi Jo Conley found herself working for treatment centers and advocating for families
who were paying thousands upon thousands of dollars out of pocket for recovery and treatment
centers for their loved ones.

Wendi began tracking trends on the reimbursement rates and coding for both in and out of network carriers. The process helped her identify how to get insurance to cover and reimburse the costs of out of network providers. In these early stages, Wendi helped numerous professionals and families properly bill insurance companies to recover these expenses, which set their minds at ease.
Realizing the success of these efforts and seeing the opportunity she had to help families and their
loved ones in recovery was life changing for Wendi. She devoted herself to this calling and gathered a team around her. With hard work and dedication, the Nexidet team began to identify the most
efficient ways to get carriers to pay providers and members the maximum amount possible under the behavioral health provisions.

For over 20 years, Nexidet has played a key role in the mental health billing field, and gained all of
their long-term clients through word of mouth alone. Entering the digital space, Nexidet continues to be one of the premier mental health billing companies in the nation.

The Nexidet team combines decades of knowledge and firsthand experience in the field with
unparalleled compassion for our partners and their patients. We believe this compassion is key for
success in the field, and we take a devoted interest in every patient’s success.


“Our goal is to give behavioral health providers a billing solution that cares for them as much as they care about their patients’ well-being. We help to build a bond between ourselves, our clients, and their patients. With issues like this, the closer the better. Trust is of the utmost importance.”

—Wendi Jo Conley,

    Nexidet founder

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